29 weeks+ - October 17, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Well, we have officially moved!
Our boxes are stacked in our new home and it's already driving me crazy. The renovations aren't quite complete. There have been so many problems the last couple of weeks. Still, everything seems to be getting done. Husband has been absolutely AMAZING! The man has been so helpful, accommodating and just plain awesome. I love him so much.

Coupled with the move and the stress of things just not going well, I feel like I've bruised my tailbone. That's right; since last week, I haven't been able to sit without pain. Charming, aren't I?
Apparently, it's something pregnancy related, because I did not fall. Unfortunately, it meant that I couldn't see Russell Peters live. Thank God for the ticket insurance!

Now, we just have to get through the next week, preferably with less pain!

Next weekend: prenatal class at the hospital.
I can't believe I'm in my third trimester. Things are moving quickly now! I'm starting to worry that when everything is finally done (and I've had a break), I'm going to be bored. At least the weather has been cooperating.

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