Review: Shmink Brushegg

Sunday, June 07, 2015

If you are anything like me, you love doing your make-up and using your brushes, but cringe when it comes time to clean them. No longer!

I was getting my nails done recently and lamenting how I had to come home and clean my brushes, which was going to take me at least an hour. Getting an hour with a newborn all to yourself is rare and the last thing I wanted to use it for was cleaning my brushes. I would rather sleep. Period. All the time.

Anyway, that is when the Shmink brushegg came up. I love Shmink make-up and the brushes, but I was skeptical of the egg. Isn't this just another gadget that doesn't really save time?

Nope. This thing is awesome. Behold:

That little pink egg. Ten minutes. All those brushes. I kid you not!

I think I'm in love. Also, now I don't have any reason to put off cleaning my brushes. 

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