May 23, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I haven't been writing the last little while. This is probably because week 7 began with getting up, brushing my teeth and vomiting. That trend has continued.

Welcome to week 8! I've learned to drink water before I get out of bed to brush my teeth, because it makes vomiting more pleasant. Aside from one lucky day where I vomited BEFORE brushing my teeth, somehow I always end up brushing twice. How inconvenient.

This morning was a particularly wacky day. For some reason after vomiting, an instant urge for guacamole overcame me. That's right; I vomited and then craved guacamole.

Being pregnant is weird.

I'm still eating constantly and not just because the nausea will not go away. Last week's motto would have been: Bring on the flavour!

This week: Cucumbers are magical. Seriously, anything with more flavour makes me gag and the nausea to flair. My pantry, which I swear is perfectly clean, makes me want to gag. It has a smell of nothing in particular that pushes me far, far away.

Grandmama is dying of laughter every time I tell her anything. Apparently, I'm just getting the full experience.

Constants so far: strawberries, citrus fruit (mostly oranges, which I never used to eat) and pickles.

I nearly put avocado on my oatmeal this morning.

Oh and the sleeping. When I'm not eating or vomiting, I'm sleeping. Is pregnancy somehow reliving the baby experience so you can better take care of your baby?

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