Goals, Dreams and Wishes

A long time ago, I made a mental list of goals I wanted to accomplish before I was 30. I never wrote it down, and I don't think I completed most of them, but it's never a bad idea to frame an intention.

1. Buy a house - We bought our home September 2014

2. Take an acting class - completed in 2010

3. Visit Asia - Husband and I went on our honeymoon in October 2013

4. Write a novel (not just a short story) - it feels like I'll never quite get there; I keep getting stuck

5. Learn to ride a bike properly - this is sad; Husband keeps telling me he'll do this with me, but I'm starting to think JJ and I will learn together.

6. Get married - Husband and I were married June 23, 2013

7. Have a baby - We had our first baby January 10, 2015

8. Watch Downton Abbey - Everyone tells me I'll love it, but I never had the time to start and watch it. Started July 2016

9. Cut off (and donate) my hair - this is scary! Well, the cutting, not the donating.

10. Have more date nights with Husband - which really means "trust the babysitter"

11. Have a second baby