December 23, 2014 - 38+6

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One more week until my due date! I can't believe we are almost there!!!

This photo was taken last week, but it's still pretty accurate.
Yesterday, my dad took me on a pre-maternity leave lunch at my favourite restaurant here, The Chase. He even ordered a special dessert!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before I take maternity leave. I can't believe it's come so fast! It feels like just yesterday that we learned about Baby. Now, baby will be here in less than a month!

My feelings about maternity leave are mixed; I'm excited to be able to stay home with baby, but I know I'm going to miss my job. I hope to have time to blog, etc., but I keep hearing how that won't be the case. Somehow I doubt that. Yet, it's still of concern that everyone keeps telling me.

Even though Husband and I don't celebrate Christmas, this time of year is so fun for us. The plan is to play some Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly with family, see a movie and eat some yummy food. Next week is a pretty big day, since we're getting some of the last furniture pieces we need, I'm looking forward to sitting in front o four fireplace and just relaxing. This would be better with some alcohol, but since I'm not okay to drink yet, that will have to be put on hold.


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