October 31, 2014 - 31 weeks+

Friday, October 31, 2014


I absolutely adore this holiday. Candy, costumes and spooky everything? Yes, please!

So, we moved! We got most of our furniture and we are sleeping there too! I can't believe we did it. I can't believe we are mostly unpacked too. So much effort and we are finally in the home stretch.

We also did our pre-natal course at the hospital last weekend. That was... interesting. I'm a little nervous about labour/delivery now. Touring the hospital was nice, but not exactly reassuring. Everything was even more hospital-like than I expected. Still, I'm glad we took the course. It was a jam-packed two days, but it was nice to be able to get some information.

Baby is moving around and kicking up a storm! I'm not exactly huge, but I feel like I weigh a ton. Plus, I'm hungry all the time. I feel like I eat even when I'm not hungry which is so not good. At least it keeps the ever-present nausea at bay.

I'm very excited to give out candy tonight at our brand new house! Husband is indifferent I think, but my excitement might be infecting him. OOOH! And, the whole office dressed up for the holiday:

Aren't I Glam-MOO-rus? My brother (and uncle's) idea of a joke: Apparently I'm a cow. Ha ha.

You can see a bit of our new furniture in the background. Our rug hasn't arrived, so no pictures until we have everything. I hope to be completely settled by the end of November; hopefully sooner.

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